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From licensed social worker, helper, and healer to writer, artist, and truth teller, my art pulls together years of experience in the clinical social worker field and combines it with my exploration of spirituality, the mystical unknown, and the shadow-self. I create using the written word (both fiction and non-fiction), oral story telling, and through visual art. 

I seek wholeness in my expression of myself.


I seek release.


I seek relief.


I seek rejuvenation.


Artistic creation has become a life force energy that feeds

and sustains me. Exploring right brain activities has brought balance into my life and provides greater intrigue and interest to all that I do. 


I hope that my work will speak to the complex experience of humanity from light to dark since it is against the dark that the light is seen. It is my deepest wish to inspire others to objectively and non-judgmentally embrace all of life so that they may find freedom. 


In some spiritual traditions, the "Day Time" self is understood as the part of you that embodies expected societal norms and is the one that goes to work and pays the bills. The "Night Time" self is the more authentic, real, and raw version of you.  This website is a representation of my Night Time self. If you are curious about my Day Time self follow the link below: 

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